The Otter Lake Water Commission was formed in 1967 as a water supply for the towns of Auburn, Divernon, Girard, Pawnee, Thayer, and Virden.  The Village of Nilwood, Tovey, as well as South Palmyra Rural Water District, and Henderson Water later received water from Otter Lake.

The lake and water plant were built in 1969.  Otter Lake is 765 acres with a maximum depth of 54 feet.  Average depth of the lake is 21 feet.  The lake holds 16,065 acre feet of water at full pool, and has a water shed of 12,992 acres.

The Otter Lake Water Commission is governed by a board of directors per Illinois State Statute.  One board member is appointed by the mayor of each member town.  Board members serve 6 year terms, and may serve as many terms as they are appointed.

Otter Lake Park   

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